Artist & Founder

I’m Elana Mokady, two parts wife and mom, three tubes of color, one brushstroke of gold and a sprinkle of joy. For as long as I can remember I had an eye for color, walked around with a sketchbook in my hand, and felt that my mission in life was to decorate the world with colorful art.

I'm an art teacher and a painter of joyful scenes, that are fruits of my imagination. I invite you to be part of my journey through art and to experience those happy moments with me.  

I would be honored to paint something for you:-)

Operations & Marketing

I'm Masha Arbel, who stand by being kind, funny and joyful. Growing up with Elana in the same household, we valued family, friendship and the simple things. Our mom used to paint our room walls with images we loved using an abundance of colors. To have those images on our bare walls was pure joy.

Today, Elana is recapturing that feeling in her colorful art and I, as a human resource expert, am commited to spreading this joyful and vibrant art to children's spaces, so they can feel uplifted like we were growing up.