Welcome to our happy world of Elana Mokady Art!

We believe that the role of fine art is to instill positivity in people. We know that optimistic themes, painted with vibrant colors, make us smile and uplift our spirits. From giggling babies that point at our animal paintings to families that are excited to bring our colorful art into their homes,  we feel lucky to be able to inspire joyful moments in people’s lives.

In our Boston based studio, we come up with original and colorful ideas for our happy creations to make sure that every person can be inspired by art. We collaborate with art consultants, interior designers, and healthcare providers to bring our uplifting art into homes, offices and hospitals in the US and around the world.

Elana Mokady, Artist & Founder

Elana Mokady is a Boston-based artist who creates uplifting fine art. She is known for vibrant colors and free-spirited themes that are rooted in nature and simple joys but exaggerated by her limitless imagination. Elana’s signature painting techniques make her work instantly recognizable, with its sinuous lines, calming composition, and an affinity for pure, unblended colors. Her work is featured in private homes, local stores as well as in children’s hospitals across the country and sought after by avid collectors worldwide.

Elana is inspired by the energy and colors of nature and by her childhood in the former Soviet Union and Israel, where she grew up. Her  love of multicultural diversity and languages feed her imagination with new positive images that she turns into beautiful, happy paintings.

Elana  is a dedicated mother who enjoys singing, interior and garden design, funky jewelry, and even funkier shoes!   

Masha Arbel, Operations & Marketing   

We are fortunate to have Masha Arbel, a former human resources professional, as our marketing manager. She is compassionate and encouraging by nature, has a great sense of humor, and her positive approach to life helps her make powerful connections she makes with people, both personally and professionally. 

Masha lives a colorful, active life – enjoying volleyball, hiking and spending quality time with her wonderful family and beloved cat.