Welcome to our happy world of Elana Mokady Art!

We are a team of mothers, entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating happy, fine art for kids and families. We started Elana Mokady Art to uplift and inspire children through lovable art. 

We collaborate with art consultants, interior designers, and healthcare providers to bring our uplifting art into children's spaces in the US and around the world.

In our Boston based studio we come up with original and colorful ideas for our happy creations to make that every child can be inspired by art.    

Our Story, the Elana Mokady Art team


 Elana Mokady, Artist & Founder

Elana  Mokady is a child at heart. As a professionally trained artist and art teacher, Elana has made it her life’s work to bring color and positivity through happy art to children everywhere.  

Elana believes that happy art for kids is a powerful tool to connect them with the world of fine art, a way to engage them in storytelling and a route to help develop their literacy skills. According to her "As children’s books are the gateway to the world of literacy, our happy art for kids is the gateway to the world of fine art"  

Born in the former Soviet Union and raised in Israel, before moving to the United States with her family,  Elana  is inspired by the colors of nature and by all the wonderful children that surround her throughout her life. Her  love of multicultural diversity and languages continues to shape her desire to share the joy and happiness her art brings to others.     

Elana  is a dedicated mother who enjoys singing, interior and garden design, funky jewelry, and even funkier shoes!   


Maayan Arbili, Operations  

As our operations manager, Maayan Arbili is an imperative member of our team. A seasoned technology professional, she brings not only her business acumen to the company, but also a genuine drive and desire to nurture all of our ideas and dreams until they become reality. 

Athletic and outgoing, Maayan finds great joy in trying new recipes and cooking delicious food for those she loves. She lives her life to the fullest by spending quality time with her family and traveling the world with them whenever she can. 


Masha Arbel, Marketing  

We are fortunate to have Masha Arbel, a former human resources professional, as our marketing manager. She is compassionate and encouraging by nature, has a great sense of humor, and her positive approach to life helps her make powerful connections she makes with people, both personally and professionally. 

Masha lives a colorful, active life – enjoying volleyball, hiking and spending quality time with her wonderful family and beloved cat.