It must be meant to be.

Peanut butter and jelly. Cookies and milk. Champagne and gummy bears. Could we be the next world-changing collaboration? We can’t wait to find out.

We Collaborate with ….

Interior Designers
Blank walls make some people nervous. Not you. You say, “Challenge accepted” and set out on a quest to find the ever elusive Perfect Piece of Art. We’re here to help you make your client’s dreams come true, with a colorful collection of eclectic art and custom commissions that’ll make even your toughest, choosiest clients do cartwheels across their living room.

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Art Consultants
We know your clients look to you to as their “secret weapon” when it comes to all-things fine art. You’re their window into this exclusive world--the expert known for helping them get their hands on exclusive pieces from recognized names or being the first to discover emerging talent. Whether your client is a private collector or a business in the hospitality, corporate, retail, or healthcare world, we can accommodate their every need, from size, format and quantities, to fast and secure delivery.

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Healthcare Organizations
You already know art is an integral part of keeping patients’ spirits high and their stress levels low. We’ll help you create a healthcare environment that inspires contagious giggles and non-stop wonder, with vibrant, whimsical art painted with your unique mission in mind. Elana’s art is featured in children’s hospitals across the nation, from Boston Children’s Hospital to Lucile Packard Children’ Hospital in California. Together, we can create big-hearted art for your littlest patients.

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Love our art so much, you want to see it lining your shelves (brick-and-mortar or digital?)? We’re flattered. Honored. Tickled pink (or red or blue or purple). We welcome partnerships with brands who share our mission to uplift and inspire.

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Your customers are always hungry for something new. We’d love to help you wow them with a collection of colorful, vibrant products they can’t find anywhere else. Nothing would make us happier than dreaming up an entire collection of exclusive designs inspired by your brand — made just for you and your customers. 

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Looking for something other than a painting?
Whether you’re a writer looking for an illustrator or a boutique looking for a custom line of greeting cards, we get over-the-moon excited to explore any and all custom projects. Complete the form below and let’s see where the rainbow-brick road takes us. View our current partnerships/collaborations