History in the Making

While every single one of our reproductions is printed to order and worthy of a slow-clap, standing ovation, each was born from an Elana Mokady original that has its own special history. Beneath the final coat of paint lies Elana’s journey in bringing this piece to life: the original charcoal sketch, first brush strokes, and the tiniest imperfections re-imagined and reworked until they were “just right.” Among her collection are pieces she painted for her children that are now ready for their next chapter. Whether you’re looking for the perfect original for your dream home, your child’s first nursery, or living space, make an Elana Mokady a part of your family’s story for generations to come. Just a few of Elana’s originals remain.

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Behind the (Paint) Brush
An optimist who lives on the bright side, Elana Mokady is a Russian-born, Israeli-raised, Boston-based independent fine artist. She’s known for vibrant colors and free-spirited themes that are rooted in nature and simple joys, but exaggerated by her limitless imagination. Meet Elana.