Long live color.

Above the entryway console table. Above the fireplace. Above your staircase to create a can’t-ignore gallery wall curated entirely from the Elana Mokady collection. Like a clothing boutique where every single top, bottom, and accessory is made to match, every colorful piece goes together beautifully. Whatever blank space you’re looking to bring to life, make. It. Pop. Above all, make it you. Explore our colorful collection of imaginative fine art prints, made exclusively by Elana Mokady.

Artist’s Tip: Once your print arrives, choose a frame that fits your own personal decor scheme. Opt for a simple white for a minimalist look or dream up an eclectic vibe with a frame that’s as bold as the art itself.


Haven’t stumbled on the perfect piece for your space or color scheme?
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Behind the (Paint) Brush
An optimist who lives on the bright side, Elana Mokady is a Boston-based independent fine artist. She’s known for bold colors and uplifting themes that are rooted in nature and simple joys, but made larger than life by her limitless imagination. Meet Elana