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I create art that makes your home and your life more colorful.


Why I Paint

Home is more than where you eat and sleep. It’s where you catch up with the one you love after a long day at work and have impromptu dance parties in the living room. It’s where you gather around the dinner table for a home-cooked meal (or Japanese takeout) and where your child takes their first steps.

So while many artists dream of seeing their artwork hanging in a museum or gallery … well ... I’m afraid I’m not that kind of artist.

Me? I’d rather know that my art is a living, breathing part of someone’s story.

I’d rather hear that that my whimsical animal paintings make their baby giggle and point when they change her diaper. Or that, after an exhausting day at work, sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine while looking at my colorful work makes them feel glad to be home, in their happy place.

These are the joyful moments I want my art to help inspire.

I also believe, with all my heart, that art has the power to heal

I’m not talking about miracles here. I’m talking about lifting a broken spirit and turning a frown literally upside down. I know this to be true, not only because science says so (just ask Google), but because I’ve seen it first-hand.

I’ll never forget the mother who thanked me with tears in her eyes. She told me that as her daughter lay Boston Children’s Hospital, my painting Birdland helped make them smile. Between vital checks and tests and endless hours of waiting, they passed the time by making up different stories to go along with the painting. As an artist — and as a human — can you ask for anything more than knowing your work is making this kind of difference?

This is why one of my greatest missions in creating this business is to reach as many homes, hospitals and healing spaces as possible and fill them with joyful, colorful, vibrant art.



My Story

My home--my  happy place--is just outside Boston, where I live with my husband, three children and two dogs. But I’ve been shaped by the places I’ve lived, including Ukraine, where I was born, and Israel, where my family fled to when I was just 10 years old to escape the then USSR. While Eastern Europe’s bright, green, vibrant landscape may have instilled in me my love of color, it is Israel, with its free-spirited culture and desert-like dunes that largely shaped the person and artist I am today.

No matter where I’ve lived and for as long as I can remember, color has sparked an undeniable, unmistakable joy in me, but I never imagined I would become a painter.

Painting began as a simple act of love. My children would tell me what they wanted me to draw. A bus. A plane. A car. Somewhere between drawing their dreams and playing pretend, the vision for my future became very real.

Soon, friends and family started asking me to create art for them. Their joy and awe in receiving each one fueled my passion for painting. Today I’m honored that my art can be found in homes around the world and in hospitals across the country.


Artist Bio

Elana Mokady is a self-taught Boston-based artist. She is known for vibrant colors and free-spirited themes that are rooted in nature and simple joys, but exaggerated by her limitless imagination. Elana’s signature painting techniques make her work instantly recognizable, with its sinuous lines, calming composition, and an affinity for pure, unblended colors. Her work is featured in children’s hospitals across the country and sought after by avid collectors worldwide.


Artist Profile

I could spend hours: Exploring the latest finds at Anthropologie

I love to visit: New York

You can probably find me binge-watching: The National Geographic channel

My closet is full of: Funky shoes

Something surprising about me: I’m fluent in Hebrew and Russian. I also sing and play piano.

My favorite color is: I could never choose just one!

Of course, this isn’t a one-woman show …

Meet Masha Arbel, Marketing & Operations Manager

If you’re thinking, hmmm, Masha and Elana kind of look alike, you’re not crazy … they’re sisters. She’s the operations and marketing half of this creative endeavor — the one who keeps the business relationships meaningful and Insta feed colorful.

A people lover and former human resources professional, Masha left the corporate world and moved halfway across the world to join Elana on this business venture. But don’t let her buttoned-up job title fool you.

A lover of all-things comedy, Masha knows how to inject humor into any situation, and if you pull up beside her at a red light, don’t be surprised if she’s over there belting it out to Celine Dion or the one, the only, Barbra Streisand.  She’s most definitely not afraid to challenge her big sister to a sing-off (the two are known for their karaoke skills).

When she’s not helping secure collaborations and partnering with retailers, you can probably find her playing volleyball, hiking or spending time with her husband, two daughters and cats.

A Few of My Favorite Things

My go-to karaoke song: All the Way (Frank Sinatra and Celine Dion)

I’m always on the hunt For: The perfect colorful dress

My dream home is: On the beach

Fun fact about me: I have a twin brother


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