Elana Mokady, Artist & Founder


Hi, my name is Elana Mokady, I am two parts wife and mom, three tubes of colors, one brushstroke of gold and a pinch of glitter. I am a lover of life who feels incredibly lucky that my job is to inspire joyful moments in people’s lives.

My home-- my happy place--is just outside Boston, where I live, love and play with my husband, kids and two dogs.

Having grown up between two opposite cultures in the former Soviet Union and Israel before moving to the US, my multicultural identity plays a vibrant role in my perspective and my art.

I am inspired by beautiful minds and the magnificent colors of nature as I paint your dreams to make your homes and lives more colorful.

I wear a smile (and funky shoes) every single day knowing that my art can be found in homes, offices and hospitals across the country and the world.


Why I Paint

to channel positive energy through art
to inspire sweet giggles and big imaginations
to make your home more colorful
to uplift and inspire you and your family
to help people heal
to experience the joy of creatin


What I believe ... that my optimistic & colorful art 

helps people heal

can lift a broken spirit and turn a frown literally upside down

plays as an “escape” - to a colorful, happy place to be in during the      hardest of times

I’m not talking about miracles here, because I’ve seen it first hand from people who experience hospital settings under stressful and worrisome circumstances.

     As an artist - can you ask for anything more than knowing your work is making this kind of difference?



    Masha Arbel, Operations & Marketing   

    If you’re thinking, hmmm, Masha and Elana kind of look alike, you’re not crazy … they’re sisters. She’s the operations and marketing half of this creative endeavor - the one who keeps the business relationships meaningful and Insta feed colorful.

    A people lover and former human resources professional, Masha left the corporate world and moved halfway across the world to join Elana on this business venture. But don’t let her buttoned-up job title fool you.

    A lover of all-things comedy, Masha knows how to inject humor into any situation, and if you pull up beside her at a red light, don’t be surprised if she’s over there belting it out to Celine Dion or the one, the only, Barbra Streisand.  She’s most definitely not afraid to challenge her big sister to a sing-off (the two are known for their karaoke skills).

    When she’s not helping secure collaborations and partnering with retailers, you can probably find her playing volleyball, hiking or spending time with her husband, two daughters and cats.


    A Few of My Favorite Things


    My Go-To Karaoke Song is …   All the Way (Frank Sinatra and Celine Dion)

    I’m Always On The Hunt For …  The perfect colorful dress

    My Dream Home is  ...   On the beach

    Fun Fact About Me ...  I have a twin brother