The Sun-Day Story

When I first started sketching this piece, originally painted for Boston Children’s Hospital, all I could think about were the children and families, and care-givers it would touch every day.  

I envisioned that the colors would make their eyes dance and their hearts sing – and that they would be filled with positive thoughts of sailing to happy places and enjoying the strong energy of the sun. 

When the piece was almost finished – 4 days before it was to be delivered to the hospital, my then-one-year-old daughter decided she wanted to paint it too. She picked up a paintbrush, mixed all of the colors on my palette, and covered it with her own heart-felt inspiration. In that moment, as the paint quickly dried, I was left in a moment of despair and reflection. 

Later that evening, when my family was asleep, I could not stop thinking of the children and families who would now not be able to enjoy this colorful, uplifting piece of art. I quietly got out of bed made my way to my studio, and painted it all over again.

Once Sun-Day was complete I knew I had to dedicate this piece of art to all of the dreamers out there who know that giving up simply isn't an option. 

I smile whenever I see this painting as it reminds me of my daughter and this beautiful experience we inadvertently shared. 

To learn more about Sun-Day, click here: Sun-Day Canvas Art


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